What’s on your music box this weekend?

It has been a calm weekend for me in London as I have stayed indoors watching the Diamond League Athletics in (Stockholm) and writing up my next TW Post. Unfortunately my TV (Ants TV) has been playing up and only switching on when it feels like which has been disrupting my Season 5 run of Girlfriends. (Taking a deep BREATH). I have had to rely on my music collection to keep me occupied.

However, my Mp3 player was tired of hearing certain tracks on repeat so it died on me and my laptop  barely stayed awake. It has been one of those days.

Get well soon Miss S. ‘You are Superwoman’.

Below is a selection of some of the music I have been chillin’ to:

Kirk Franklin and Jill Scott – Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come Soundtrack)

Tamar Braxton – Try Me (Kingdom Come Soundtrack)

Virtue – Let The Redeemed (Virtue)

Virtue – So Good To Know (Virtue)

Winans Phase II – Just For A Day (We Got Next)

Winans Phase II – Always For You (We Got Next).

What have you been listening to this weekend?



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trey
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 03:24:21

    The way u are using youtube clips, make sure you get permission. rofl. I am getting ready to hit DC. have been playing jahiem’s nu joint. blazzin hot.


  2. Adrian
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 10:01:35

    I am on my way to Football Practice and I am listening to your boy Jay Shawn. Haha. Its not a bad album


  3. Mutsa
    Aug 08, 2010 @ 21:18:11

    All I’ve listened to is Janelle Monae’s latest offering ‘The AnchAndroid’. It’s seen me through this wk/end and will probably see me through the rest of the week too.


  4. clairey
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 10:46:02

    The Vtech lady singing ‘lets have fun together while we learn our abc’


  5. Afr0soul
    Aug 11, 2010 @ 20:19:47

    oh toje! you’re taking me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back!!! MUSIC BOX IS DOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE.


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