Fantasia Hospitalized After Overdose

(I have been trying to upload this post for the past 6 hours but my laptop has been giving the snail a run for its money).

Shocked? I know I am.

Fantasia is one of my favourite singers so this came as a surprise to me.

According to WCNC, Fantasia was hospitalized Monday (August 9th) due to a medication overdose. The report stated that she was rushed to the Pineville Medical Centre at 8:55pm although this was not confirmed by her Manager ‘Brian Dickens’ in his official statement. Initially Sources were not sure what medications were involved and whether the overdose was accidental or intentional. However, according to New York (AP), her manager released an official statement on Tuesday and stated that “Fantasia took an overdose of aspirin and a sleep aid and was dehydrated and exhausted at the time”. He also confirmed that she was in a stable condition and would be released from the hospital soon. (Thank God).

This news comes days after reports regarding an alleged sex tape scandal brought forward by Paula Cook who claimed that Fantasia had an affair with her husband Antwaun Cook (The man Fantasia has been romantically linked with. Their relationship has been no secret) and made sex tapes with him.

Fantasia has denied being at fault. Dickens released a statement to TMZ on Monday saying that the American Idol season 3 winner was “certain that she is not responsible for the deterioration of Cooks relationship”. In the succeeding statement released on Tuesday Dickens acknowledged that Fantasia had a relationship with Cook for 11 months, but added that “…Fantasia believed Cook when he told her he and Mrs. Cook were separated late in the summer of 2009”. No response was given in regards to the sex tape allegations and I will go no further to report on that matter.

With an album due for release in two weeks which is set to be her best to date, this new report is not great. I cannot comprehend what really was going on but I am quite sure more information will unveil as the story develops. I hope that she fully recovers and is able to get back to her energetic joyful self.

“Fantasia sends her praise to God and her eternal gratitude to her fans, friends, and family,” Dickens said. In the mean time please remember the Colour Purple star in your prayers. ‘We fall down but we get up’ – Donnie McClurkin

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