It’s been a while………

Hey Guys

Some of you that follow Toje’s World may have noticed my lack of posts. (Sorry!!! procrastination is not good for your destination). I have been quite busy with work and social life LOL but I have now been able to manage my new schedule. Did I mention that I finally found a JOB. Yeayy!!! A NEW job, within a nice company in a role that I am enjoying. Thank God.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine. I was at my good friend’s birthday dinner on Friday (Happy Birthday Femi) and spent Saturday with my Leanda eating, driving and watching X Factor (yawn. I have been bored so far).

With my God twins birthday this week, ‘operation fix Toje’s Bed’ and preparation for my Birthday Oct 2010, this week is set to be a fun one.


Stay Connected


Enjoy the Sunday Jam from Marvin Sapp – ‘Fresh Wind’ and Bill Withers – ‘Grandma’s Hands’

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