Chance UK Big Influence Campaign

Chance UK provides one of the best Mentoring programmes which is on a 1 to 1 basis with children aged 5 – 11 who have behavioural difficulties. Last week they launched the Big Influence campaign which aims to highlight the positive and life changing impact of having a big influence in your life as a child. They are urging you to become that positive influence for today’s children.

Celebrities including singer Nick Jonas and  chef Jamie Oliver are collectively supporting this crucial campaign, and have spoken about the impact that a positive role model had on them when they were growing up.

You can support the campaign by:

1. Visiting Celebrity Big  influences and commenting on their Big Influence videos

2. Visiting and adding your own big influence, the person who inspired you as a child.

3. Change your Facebook profile picture to the Big Influence logo.

4. Urging your family, friends and colleagues to visit and do the above themselves. Send them an email, put it on your Facebook status and on Twitter, or ask in person.

Please support the campaign which ends November 15th 2010.

Get involved and help raise awareness about the life changing work that Chance UK do and the importance of having a Big Influence.

My Big influence  is and will always be my Dad. Although he went to glory some years ago, the words he instilled in me still guide me. The great wisdom, counselling and love and so I know how important it is to have a Big Influence.

Who is/was your Big Influence?

Be  a Big Influence!!!

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