Onitsha’s Free Mixtape Out Right Now!!!

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“My name’s Onitsha Onitsha Onitsha, So glad to meet yah, to meet yah to meet yah, they call me O but my name is Onitsha……”

Former Hidden Beach artist Onitsha aka ‘The Church Girl’ has released a FREE digital Mix-tape ‘Love Onithsa’ to keep music lovers and fans occupied as she gears up for the release of her sophomore album ‘The Journey’. More

Meet Mutsa: Stationery Drive – 03.12.10

Please support Mutsa Marau who is having a stationery drive at Ruby Lo (near Selfridges) central London this Friday 3rd December from 5:30pm. The aim is to gather as much stationery as possible for over 1000 students in Zambia.

Examples of stationery needed include: More

Asa brings us ‘Beautiful Imperfection’

Bukola Elemide better known as ASA (Pronounced Asha) ‘falcon’ in Yoruba is a Nigerian singer songwriter. I must stress an exceptional songwriter who’s writing style often reminds me of India Arie.

Asa was born in Paris and spent just over 2 years before relocating back to Lagos, Nigeria with her family. She retuned to Paris later to study music and that was the origin of the beautiful music we are blessed to hear from her. More

Toje’s Christmas Jam Coming Very Sooooooooon

Hey Guys,

I hope you are having a good day. I am sooo excited about the coming month on Toje’s World as I have some musical festive treats in store. Stay tuned.

Keep it funky now

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Micah Stampley is back with ‘Release Me’

Greetings Tojettes and Tojeknights,

I hope you had a good weekend. I had an interesting weekend and enjoyed eating out with two friends accompanied by lots of laughter and average customer service.

As I write this, Micah Stampley is playing out loud from my Dell speakers. His 4th album ‘Release Me’ has just been released and it sounds very good. Micah has a great vocal range and his voice sounds like velvet meeting silk and with the anointing you can’t go wrong.


Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela. Watch the trailer

I have to be unbiased as much as I like J Hud, but I am unsure about this movie. It seems low budget and after seeing the BBC drama I really hope this film lives up to its status as the critiques will not be as sweet as moi. I think I need to watch some other previews. What are your views?

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What Happened to FUNDISHA?

Does any one remember the talented ‘Fundisha’ and her track ‘Never taught Never told’ from her album ‘Lessons’ which NEVER got released under SoSODef? I guess we have music politics to thank for that.

I lost my copy of ‘Lessons’ which friends (Simeon originally and then Mikey) supplied me. Since then I have been searching for this album. I cannot believe that an album of that quality never hit the stores. Something that seems to be a common theme with some talented artists.

Please watch the video below to see what Fundisha has been up to:

Please check out Fundisha’s Facebook page where I believe you can hear the entire ‘Lessons’ Album. yeay!!!

Also check out her Myspace page.

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What’s on your Music Box?

I have been listening to a track on Faith Evans’s new album ‘Soemthing about Faith’ and cannot get over it. What track is this you ask?  ‘Troubled water’  featuring Kelly Price and Jessica Reedy (Runner up of Season 2 BET’s Sunday’s Best).

It is a hot track with outstanding vocals from all three ladies.  Jessica Reedy hits some low notes in the intro which leave me replaying the intro. I cannot wait to hear more from Miss Reedy. There is also a Remix featuring Lil Mo and Estelle. Enjoy


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I am Feeling 9ice

9ice is back with a new album ‘Bashorun Gaa & Versus’ scheduled for release next month and from the 3 tracks that I have heard, I am excited.  My favourite track so far is ‘Shakashiky’. This is mellow mixed with the native  Yoruba tongue 9ice uses blended with his zinc roof textured vocals. Shakahiky is likely to have the same success ‘Gongo Aso’ (one of (ice’s classic tunes) had. Please listen for yourself. More

Working Tax Credit – Do I qualify?

Greetings Folks

Some people are not aware that they may be entitled to working tax credit – Working Tax Credit   is a payment from the state for people who work on a low income based on the previous financial year. No one will tell you except a good friend  (Femi in my case)  so check and see if you are eligible. The worst that can happen is that you do not meet the criteria so you really do not have anythng to lose by calling them up. See if you qualify by clicking here. More

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