Esperanza Spalding – Simply Refreshing

Greetings Tojettes and Tojeknights,

Today’s post is  dedicated to Grammy Award winning Esperanza Spalding.

I cannot believe I only found out about this Artist at the Grammys. Three albums in……..amazing talent. I spent the last few days listening to her material on Spotify and appreciaiting her YouTube performances.

She may not be well known but this is no surprise as there are lots of talented artists such as Frank McComb, Lisa McClendon, 4th Avenue Jones, N’dambi, Anthony David to name a few who are not be recognised by the masses.

I am loving Esperanza’s track ‘I Know You Know’. Check it out:

Enjoy this performance of Esperanza at the White House honoring Stevie Wonder:

I cannot wait to hear her new album which  Q-Tip tweeted that he is producing. 

For more information about Esperanza Spalding please visit the links below:


Esperanza’s Official website

Esperanza on Facebook

Esperanza on Twitter 

Esperanza on MySpace

Stay Blessed, Stay Connected



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