Mary J Blige – The Living Proof (From The Help)

Greetings Folks,

It has been a  good week for the Help as it reached US BOX Office No 1.

The Movie is due to be released in the UK in October and I will be supporting the Movie by blogging about it and posting trailers as the Book by Kathryn Stockett was simply amazing.  More

Sunday Jam: Fred Hammond

Happy Sunday Folks,

It has been a chaotic and dangerous week in London but this song reminds me that no matter what is thrown my way (including bottles from moving cars), God truly has my back.

I am obsessed with Fela! The Musial

Greetings Peeps,

Its Saturday and I am taking a break from editing my interview with New York singer “J’Sun” and also watching London Riot and Fela! London show clips on YouTube.