I am obsessed with Fela! The Musial

Greetings Peeps,

Its Saturday and I am taking a break from editing my interview with New York singer “J’Sun” and also watching London Riot and Fela! London show clips on YouTube.

Obsession with Fela!? I have written 2 other Fela! Musical promotional pieces on my blog. Ok maybe that is an extreme title but some people that know me well may conclude my obsession, passion for the show to be true. It is more an appreciation for the art, colours, lighting, music, Dancers and Actors. Fela! cheers me up and reminds me of my colourful childhood, were my mother and father held dance competitions for my siblings with the winning prize being some extra pocket money. If I was a performer this is a musical I would be in (alongside The Lion King). I digress.

Some of my favourite Ladies in the show

I have seen the show 3 times in London (last Sunday was my third time) and hope to see it on the final UK night (Carnival Weekend) so if you are reading this Sadler’s Wells feel free to holla’ at me with a discounted ticket. A huge selling point is that the current show in London comprises of  the award winning Broadway cast and the original London National Theatre cast.

Fela! is on at Sadler’s Wells until August 28th 2011; Tuesday to Sunday 7:30pm with matinee shows on Saturday on Sunday at 2:30pm.

(The Cast of Fela! at Latitude)

Somebody say Yeah Yeah….



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