Toje’s World Presents Unsigned: Uprising – J’Sun Interview

J’Sun is a humble musician who has gained the attention of over 1 million individuals with his fusion of classic and contemporary soul. There is a sincerity in his music and a huge element of appreciation for those that support his craft.

In his 4 years of posting videos on YouTube, he has attracted over 7 million hits and 34,000+ subscribers. Referencing Prince, Maxwell, and Alicia Keys as musical inspirations, J’Sun is all about a deep rooted message in his music.

I had the pleasure of interviewing J’Sun last summer where he gave a Toje’s World exclusive performance. It took awhile to get the video together but we poured acid on procrastination and here it is.

J’Sun is a great feature for the debut of Unsigned: Uprising on Toje’s World. With his talent, range, focus and humility he is destined for success. I will keep you updated on his music.

Check out one of his latest performances:

Get to know more about J’Sun
Twitter: @iLoveJSun








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