About this Place

The concept of Toje’s world surrounds issues and topics that interest the Author (aka ME) for others to enjoy and partake in the forum of discussion.

A Global village that is primarily music oriented with various places to visit. Explore Music City, Social Forest, The Oh’ Zone and YouTube Unsigned (Coming this fall).

4th Avenue Jones – My World

Music City
The focus is on Soul, Gospel and Afro Beat music covering artist information and reviews from the niche to the well-known. This area also covers other music related subject matter.

Social Forrest
This area covers non music matters. Things I enjoy socially such as dining out, athletics, theater & movie, holidays and social issues that need to be covered.

The Oh’ Zone
This covers the unknown and ‘on the rise’ talents in the art world; ranging from actors to fashion designers who I feel the world need to know about.

Unsigned: Uprising
This covers my pick of some of the unsigned and uprising talents that post their music online.


Welcome Tojettes and Tojeknights!!! Make yourself at home and Enjoy Toje’s World.

Feel free to send your feedback and comments. If there are artists you feel I should cover please drop me a message at: 



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